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"Tao Hua Yuan" has remained as a Chinese term synonymous with Utopia. In the room, you can enjoy the scenery of Li River or the hotel's lush landscaped gardens. Explained to the public, some sessions of the performance are made from the Grand-view Garden, where a woman throws this embroidered ball to visitors in order to welcome them to their village. The narrow lake can be divided into three parts, the Outer Lake, the Inner Lake and the Back Lake. Based on this cultural piece of knowledge, the present Shangri-la area in Guilin is one of Chinas best embodiments of Taos idyllic Utopia. Enjoying a boat time or discovering every aspects of the park on foot, Shangri-La gives you a great photography session opportunity. A willow-shaded narrow trail leads to idyllic Swallow Lake, the largest tributary of the Yu Long River and an ideal drifting place.

If not, then this is the good moment to know more about its meaning and the particularities of this place. Various art crafts, souvenirs and ethnical performances are there to give a memorable time to visitors. There lies the drum tower as well as wind and rain bridge (shelter bridge) that are famous for giving birth to the many typical pictures of Guilin-Yangshuo sceneries. Comfortably installed, travelers sail on gentle water, the only importance being enjoying the unique and breath-taking natural beauty of Shangri-La. Yulong River : the Swallow Lake. In the park, a girl in traditional Zhuang costume will throw an embroidered ball from a building to welcome visitors from afar.

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Called "Shi Wai Tao Yuan" in Chinese, literally meaning "land of peach blossoms Guilin Shangri-La is an ethnic theme park and tremendous highlight of the region that displays impressive landscapes and natural sceneries of great beauty. Particularities of the Shangri-La in Guilin city. This way gives travelers an idea about the original scenery people discovered hundreds of years ago. Various arts and crafts and local souvenirs are shown here, and performances featuring ethical dances and songs are presented. These oddly carved stone pillars represent the primitive local religions and cultures that are still practiced by the minority people in the area. Signs will help you find the place smoothly. Guilin Railway Station and get off at the Shangri-La scenic spot located near to Baisha Town. Yangshuo County it takes about 1 hour. It is a harmonious paradise near to the famous Li River, rated as a 4A (aaaa) National. Totem Pillars are symbolic of the ethnical groups living in the remote southwest regions.