war thunder gutschein von one shot kill tanks

ago, CloCloZ said: So, do you think that Gaijin differentiates expenses on parameters just by chance? From their "statistics and internal models that probably haven't changed since beta test and don't reflect on the current model or on practice? Crews in the game are on the superhuman side, but not even with maxed Vitality they survive a direct hit of a kilogram of steel moving at high speed. Another funny thing about this "bias" against newbies argument is that I frequently hear the opposite, that newbies get better luck with the RNG than everyone else. What I'm basing my advice on is my own experience with the game. If you want to test it with me in custom battles I'd be down. But I did spade early French tanks, usually with level 1-3 crews. FCM.36 spaded in 6 battles. Listening to them instead of making up conspiracy theories to excuse my poor performance helped me a lot. 8 kills - zero deaths.

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war thunder gutschein von one shot kill tanks

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You can see it in vehicle costs, repair costs, ammo fasanerie gutscheine costs, etc. I spaded British and French tanks all the way up.0. It was at that time I realized the poor usefulness of this Forum for beginners. 3 kills - 5 deaths. I unlocked all camos of tier 1 US tanks, many of British tanks.

War thunder gutschein von one shot kill tanks
war thunder gutschein von one shot kill tanks